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Comprehensive physical examinations
Comprehensive physical examination. We pride ourselves in performing comprehensive physical examinations on our patients. A physical examination is the most important service your pet receives and this includes healthy pets.  

Specialized CT Scans
Cryo.jpgComputed Tomography otherwise known as a CT or Cat scan requires specialized imaging equipment that we use to evaluate patients with chronic ear disease, nasal discharge, or other abnormalities that affect the head.  We have partnered with Xoran Technologies to bring our patients a specialized unit called the Vet CAT.  It is designed to minimize the dose of X-rays that a patient is exposed to while maximizing image quality.  Scans can often be performed in a matter of seconds (40 seconds or less) with sedation. 

Cryo.jpgCryosurgery, freezing masses with liquid nitrogen and no stiches. Cryosurgery is ideal for patients with masses on the skin, eyelids, or ears. Cryosurgical treatment of masses can often be performed without sedation or anesthesia and no stiches. However, the site requires a few weeks to form the scar that replaces the mass.

Intradermal allergy testing
IDST.jpgIntradermal skin testing, the gold standard in allergy tests for environmental allergies. Intradermal skin testing is the gold standard in allergy testing which is seldom available in a general practice setting. Due to our interest in dermatology, we provide this service along with custom formulation of allergen specific immunotherapy/allergy vaccine for your allergic pet. This does not test for food allergies. A novel ingredient elimination trial/food trial is the "gold standard" for diagnosing food allergy.

Laser surgery

30wCO2.jpgLaser surgery results in less inflammation, less pain, and less bleeding. Laser surgery is offered as an innovative surgical technique for patients that require the very best. This method allows your pet to have a surgical procedure without experiencing the amount of pain, swelling, inflammation, or bleeding that may be seen with more traditional surgical techniques. Visit Cutting Edge Surgical Lasers



Low Level Laser Light Therapy

TherapyLsr.JPG Therapy Laser Treatments for pain control, improved wound healing, and arthritis among other things. Low level laser light therapy (Class IV laser) is being used to help control chronic and acute pain, improve/speed healing, and reduce swelling. Therapy laser treatments are performed on all patients having elective surgery. Visit Cutting Edge MLS Therapy Lasers

Dental care: dental therapy & digital dental X-rays to improve oral hygiene and general health is very important for today’s pet population.